What to Expect Here

This blog chronicles the adventure known as Healing Springs Acres, a little farm where we grow food to give away.  We really grow generosity, but that doesn’t happen in neat rows — it sorta crops up everywhere as we go.

First, Healing Springs Acres is a farm, not a blog.  The blog is only a way to keep in touch with the folks who have expressed a desire to follow, support, or participate in, the project.

Second, posts may not be as frequent as you might experience with other blogs and might be a bit longer. They’ll be more like short magazine articles than the 3-5 paragraphs that conventional wisdom would suggest make for a good blog post.

Conventional wisdom also says you can’t just grow food and give it away to people who are hungry. But, seriously now, what part of this whole project suggests to you that I plan on following any semblance of conventional wisdom?

Thanks for stopping by.