Ways to Help

Gathering potatoes.  Gifts of all kinds are important, but sometimes “helping” looks like this…

“Generosity is the most important seed we plant at Healing Springs Acres…”

Two of the more frequently asked questions about Healing Springs Acres are, “What do you need?”  And, “How can I help? Well, there are a few simple answers:

1. Help tell the story
2. Come help us work
3. Contribute funds, materials, or equipment

1.  Help tell the story:  If you think the work of growing food to give away is worth doing, you might know others who would be interested or inspired.  Share your favorite blog entries on whatever social media platform you prefer, link us to your blog, or mention us in your podcast.  It’s a story worth telling, and your voice is important!

2.  Come help us work:  There are several building projects which could use a few extra hands (raised beds,  a covered work area for milling flour, compost bins…) and help is always welcome on harvest days.  It’s almost never a bad time to bring a hoe and help fight the pernicious johnson grass.  Email at the address below to ask about scheduling a group for a work day.

3. Contribute funds, materials, or equipment: The best way to provide regular financial support for the work at the farm, or the podcast project is to take a seat at The Patron’s Table at Patreon.com/healingspringsacres.  You can commit to as little as $1 a month, or as much as you’d like.  Patrons get sneak peeks at projects, have a forum for participating in conversations about our work, and ocassional “Patrons Only” virtual visits to the farm when interesting things are happening.

I still work as a trained strategy coach for individuals who want to sharpen their focus on their most important priorities and clarify “next step” action plans for specific projects.  I also do a couple of other odd things to support myself and my family (and to some degree the farm), but I am constantly trying to shift the balance of my focus more thoroughly to the farm.  Any gifts sent through either Patreon or Pay-Pal will be used to support the costs of the farm and to assist with personal and family expenses so that I can afford to devote myself more fully to the work of the farm.

Did I mention that we don’t sell anything we grow…?

You can send one-time, non tax deductible gifts directly through pay-pal:


This tractor is our most important physical tool at Healing Springs Acres. Take a look at our Amazon Wish List to see what else we could use.

If cash isn’t your thing and you’d like to give us something specific, just send an email to the address below for ideas.  Or check out the Healing Springs Acres Amazon Wish List.

If you choose to help plant generosity on the farm, no matter which avenue you choose, THANK YOU!

How to keep in touch with us:

Email: don@healingspringsacres.org
Facebook: Healing Springs Acres
Twitter: @hlngsprngsacres