Internship Opportunity


In 2015 we had our first summer intern at Healing Springs Acres.  Adam McDuffie was a Godsend to the farm and, I hope, a worthy experience for our first intern of what it’s like to make something out of nothing in pursuit of a being a more generous participant in the human experience.

We anticipate being able to have another intern this coming season!  Here’s the thing – it sounds all cool and hip to work at a small farm that grows food to give away, but it’s really just hot and sweaty work.  I do actually find it to be rewarding and loads of fun, but it’s 2015-06-01 14.51.57fairly important for any potential interns to understand what you’ll be getting into.  There will be hours of swinging a hoe in the hot sun – very often by yourself.  You’ll tote, fetch, bring, get, do, and re-d0.  The next day will be the same.

Depending on your schedule, assuming you’re a student, you may not even get to stay around for the harvest at the end of the season.  You will have participated in all of the work of planting and cultivating seeds that you will not see mature and bear fruit.  Which is to say, if you’re preparing for ministry — this will be a great experience!

0617151051Another point of clarification.  There’s no well oiled machine.  There’s no carefully honed model.  There’s no grand scheme for you to learn here and then go replicate somewhere else.  Most of what happens at Healing Springs Acres is made up from scratch.  The only constants are: we plant seeds, we cultivate them, we give away the food, and we invite others to participate in the joy of that generosity.  Every single thing about how we pull that off is always in flux and depends more than anything else on the weather and on our ability to find resources along the way!  I promise it is an adventure.  A hard, sweaty, exhausting adventure.

Here’s a sketch of what’s involved:
1. Farm Work:  Obviously, this is the core of what Healing Springs Acres is about.  This work will sometimes be solitary and will sometimes be with me, or with volunteers.  It will fall into the following categories.
  • Fighting the infernal johnson grass infestation we have at the farm by hoeing, pulling, and spraying the insidious weed.
  • General cultivation of crops by both hoe and tractor.
  • Gathering produce and delivering it to distribution partners.
  • Helping with light construction projects.
2. Congregational Networking:  Establish and nurture contacts with as many congregations of all types as possible in a 50-75 mile radius of Healing Springs Acres.  Our hopes for those relationships are threefold.
  • That they would send volunteers.
  • That they would allow me to come speak to them about the ministry of Healing Springs Acres.
  • That they might consider hosting a BBQ fundraiser for the farm.
3. Personal Cultivation:  In anticipation that most of the potential interns will be in some phase of preparation for ministry, the internship will offer an opportunity for significant formation and reflection.  There will be selected readings from the works of Wendell Berry and will Campbell for the two of us to discuss over the course of the summer as we work and rest.

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